quarta-feira, 3 de junho de 2009


When I think about you I feel my heart squeeze and my arteries choke. You are like a heart attack, the fatness from my hate, the high blood pressure from my rage. I've injected you in my veins and became them in shreds because my capacity to contain you is much smaller than I can afford. My hemoglobin dissolves and makes me anemic, you steal my color and even so I became much redder and nevertheless I remain a lot blue. And when I feel suffocated these two colors mix them up and turn me purple. In fact, after your invasion, my antibodies don’t react anymore. Perhaps it's HIV… Do you know why? Because the Health Is Vanishing.

Texto criado pela minha irmã com o meu auxílio.
Desculpem-nos se houver algum erro de grafia.

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